Friday, August 04, 2006

3-2-5-e: From Tiller to Our Favorite Martin

We aren't about to drop the ball on 3-2-5-e, the new rule we have been harping about for a week. Purdue coach Joe Tiller of trading card fame, above, had some blistering comments at this week's Big Ten gathering in Chicago. He got straight to point, saying the ever-expanding commercial time is to blame for longer games, not the game itself. "Why don't we just come out and say we want to shorten the game so we can get more TV commercials in?" Tiller asked. "Let's not say it's going to make the game faster and the fans are going like it." WAC coaches also had plenty to say. "It is ridiculous to me," Idaho's Dennis Erickson said. New Mexico State counterpart Hal Mumme said: "I think the rules committee went below and beyond when coming up with that rule." It's becoming clear that passing teams will be impacted most because they run more plays, but the question remains how many plays will be lost? Enter Martin of the incredible site CFB Stats. Martin has logged every play of the 718 games in 2005 involving Division I-A teams in his database. Folks, this is an amazing feat. He informs us that in 2005, the average game had 10.71 kickoffs, 10.67 punts, 2.09 interceptions and 1.74 fumbles. According to our number crunching, that comes to 25.21 plays. These are the plays that will be impacted by 3-2-5-e. Granted, commercial time will be inserted between some of these plays, but it is easy to see where 20 plays could be lost. We continue to pay visits to Martin's site and shake our head in amazement at what he has created. He has agreed to provide us with more goodies and will help track the impact of 3-2-5-e. His site is also linked here under Toolbox. Frankly, the NCAA should be ashamed of its stats site. CFB Stats is far superior and provides the detail true fans want and deserve.

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