Sunday, July 16, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News: Auburn won't have to give up its 2004 People's National Championship. And isn't that really what's important here?

John Clay, Lexington Herald-Leader: The NCAA says it could never, ever approve a playoff system for Division I-A, citing loss of class time as one reason, but it offered no resistance to a 12th game.

Kevin Modesti, L.A. Daily News: With U.S. teams struggling to be competitive on the international level, maybe it's time we outlaw sports such as football.

Dick Harmon, Deseret Morning News: Brigham Young will have one of college football's top offensive lines, thanks to strongman tackle Eddie Keele.

Joe Person, Columbia State: It's the ploys of summer for South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who has been critical of workout habits of some of his players.

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