Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reporters' Notebooks

Mark Alesia, Indianapolis Star: The NCAA is going to reconsider a new rule that allows a player who has earned a degree and has remaining eligibility to transfer and be eligible without penalty.

Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle: No decision yet on the fate of the financially troubled Houston Bowl. The NCAA bowl-licensing committee gave no timetable for a ruling.

Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune: A report by a website regarding possible eligibility issues for Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn drew plenty of traffic, but did irreparable damage to the site's credibility. Also, a fine post on the situation by EDSBS.

Jake Curtis, San Francisco Chronicle: Longtime California and Stanford fans are upset over priority seating plans that require a donation to athletic departments.

Paul Finebaum, Mobile Press-Register: It's easy to see why CBS' ratings for college football continue to slide.

Phil Stukenborg, Commercial Appeal: What conference will have the best collection of quarterbacks this fall? Top to bottom, Conference USA looks stocked (registration).

Eric Crawford, Louisville Courier-Journal: We are just days from the start of the first big Heisman push. Louisville will unveil on July 1 for Michael Bush and Brian Brohm.

Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The contract extension agreed to by Rich Rodriguez is not only good news to West Virginia, but to the Big East, which is currently a second-rate league.

Chip Scoggins, Star Tribune: Defensive lineman Raymond Henderson, who was dismissed from Tennessee's team in May, is headed to Minnesota.

Robbie Neiswanger, Clarion-Ledger: Broadcaster Stan Torgerson, the legendary and sometimes controversial voice of Mississippi football, has died.

MDG: The blog takes a look at the biggest nonconference games for 2006. Needless to say, there is potential for some memorable games.

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