Monday, June 12, 2006

A Marriage Made in Heaven

And just a few years ago, airplane banners flew over Memorial Stadium during Texas home games urging the school to "Dump DeLoss and Flush the John," referring to athletic director DeLoss Dodds and then-coach John Mackovic. How times have changed. Mackovic is gone, but DeLoss, pictured above, is still around, probably because he hired Mack Brown to replace Mackovic. Nobody needed the Big 12 more than Texas, and the hiring of Brown could not have come at a better time. From 1986-95, the Longhorns were 65-48-2. The Southwest Conference was dying, other teams were raiding Texas for the top talent and the facilities ranked behind those at Iowa State. Former coach Darrell Royal was brought in by Dodds and he helped convince Mack Brown to leave North Carolina and come to Austin. Royal told Brown that the Texas program and its fans were like a bunch of BBs that had been spilled. Mack had to get all of those BBs back in the box, pulling for the same cause. Also, a look at Texas' most famous world traveler, Ricky Williams (registration).

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