Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Following the Political Money Trail

Tuesday is election day in many parts of the country (for our friends in Chicago, vote early, vote often) and we thought it would be appropriate to provide a link to federal campaign contributions of notable sports figures since 1978. The list, compiled by Newsmeat, has the scoop on Florida State's Bobby Bowden ($14,500 to the Republican Party), Lee Corso ($1,320 to the Democrats), new Notre Dame radio voice Don Criqui ($1,700 to Repubs), Penn State's Joe Paterno ($7,300, 14% to Dems, 73% to Repubs, 13% to special interests), former ABC sideline reporter and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann ($10,800, 19% to Dems, 81% to Repubs) and former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer ($2,000, 75% to Dems, 25% to Repubs). There are many, many more and the list is an interesting read. And while we are on the topic of politics, what might happen in Alabama if Auburn's Tommy Tuberville ran against Alabama's Mike Shula?


Mr. A said...

I don't think anyone doubted where NASCAR's allegience stood (which is fine by me), what's interesting is that Lynn Swann gave 19% to Dems as someone who is running as a republican.

George Foreman's $1000 to Dems must of come exclusivly in the form of those horrible Grills. No more dry meat, something for Republicans to rally around.

Nile Kinnick said...

Awesome Tool. I will certainly be putting htis to good use.