Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Student Could Be Witness in Sanchez Case

The L.A. Daily News is reporting that a USC student has emerged as a possible witness in the sexual-assault case involving Trojan quarterback Mark Sanchez. The student, who has not been identified, was in the Cardinal Gardens apartment the night of the alleged assault and could provide key information regarding the incident. Linebacker Brian Cushing, Sanchez's roommate, is the only confirmed witness in the apartment, but he reportedly told police he was asleep when the alleged assault occurred. On the Reggie Bush front, NCAA investigator Angie Cretors arrived in San Diego and was joined by the Pacific 10's Ron Barker. Agent David Caravantes was questioned, but the investigators could have a difficult time getting an interview with LaMar and Denise Griffin, Bush's parents, because they have little incentive to talk and the governing body lacks subpoena power. Meanwhile, they are enjoying every minute of this from Westwood, home of rival UCLA. A columnist at the Daily Bruin, the student newspaper, says "this is fun to watch."

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