Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rocky's Horror Picture Show

We've all encountered that person who talked proudly of their football career, often to the point that it became annoying. Then when you fired up the browser and checked their story on the Internet, you found out how much of a braggart that person really was. Today we bring you the case of Rocky Delgadillo, who happens to be the Los Angeles City Attorney. Delgadillo has made numerous claims in the past of getting a football scholarship to Harvard, where he was an Academic All-American before going on to become a professional football player. But now that Delgadillo is running for California Attorney General, he is doing some serious backpeddling. Ivy League schools don't award athletic scholarships, for one, and Delgadillo was only honorable mention Academic All-American, the Los Angeles Times reports. And that pro football career? Seems Hamilton of the Canadian Football League has no record of Delgadillo's alleged association with the team, and the Delgadillo camp can't produce any record of his time with the Tiger Cats. And his alleged time spent in mini-camp with the New York Giants also is rather murky. Here is a link to Delgadillo's site, and we wouldn't be at all surprised to see California voters deliver a knockout blow to Rocky when they go to the polls on June 6. His opponent in the Democratic primary is Jerry Brown, the former Governor and current Mayor of Oakland.

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Anonymous said...

Rocky DelGadillo reccommended that the City of Los Angeles settle a lawsuit with Vista Media Group (another LA billboard company). Vista Media Group has between 2000-3000 illegaly built signs (no permits) in Los Angeles. Instead of prosecuting them on Rackettering charges he told the city to settle a lawsuit the Vista Media brought against LA. Vista Media colluded with, even shared an employee, Dan MacElwain, who would take down Vista billboards so Regency could build its signs. The city and the FBI all know this, but still no one does a thing.