Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Naked Truth About USC

That NCAA investigation into the relationship between Reggie Bush's family and a fledgling sports marketer? Well, it's not going to be completed anytime soon. Because the founders of New Era Sports & Entertainment are planning to file a civil suit against Bush and his family, both sides are not about to give investigators information that could be used in court. David Cornwell, a lawyer who represents Bush and his family, told the L.A. Times, "I'm not going to give the other side free discovery." While we have a break in the action, so to speak, let us fill you in on a new controversy that has gripped the USC campus. Diane York Blaine, a visiting professor who lectures on feminist theory, recently linked her blog to a Flickr site that contains three photos of her topless. The photo above is also from the Flickr site, presumably of professor Blaine. The Wiz wants to thank reader Mike and the great EDSBS site for leading the way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us a picture of a fat 50 year old hag topless. That had nothing to do with college football and almost made me lose my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Those are the worst breasts I've ever seen.

greg6363 said...

As a USC alum, it pains me to see how the university environment has shifted left since I left campus. In its quest (successful) to become a world class research institution, they have had to take in individuals like Ms. Blaine. I'll make sure my contributions go to the other schools where I earned graduate degrees (Texas Tech and Auburn).