Friday, April 21, 2006

Did West Virginia Spy on Marshall?

From the Department of If You're Not Cheating You're Not Trying: Officials at Marshall confronted, detained and seized stenographer's notebook pages from a West Virginia student who was in the Edwards Stadium stands for a Thundering Herd practice April 11. And yes, it turns out the student has connections to the Mountaineer program. His notes contained diagrams of formations and derogatory comments about certain Marshall players. The 2006 Mercedes-Benz he was driving was registered to a Parkersburg dealership that loans cars to the West Virginia program. He also had a card in his pocket that listed the phone numbers of the Mountaineer staff. The teams open the season Sept. 2 in Morgantown. And yes, it is a violation of NCAA rules for a representative of another team to attend practice without permission. "Following discussions between the schools and the coaches, we're putting the issue behind us," Mountaineer athletic director Ed Pastilong said. ... Or at least until Sept. 2. Thanks to reader Dave for this beaut!

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Newspaper Hack said...

Sounds like the Watergate burglers -- didn't this kid learn anything in history class? If you're doing something illegal, don't keep names and numbers in your pocket of the degenerates that hired you (see: James W. McCord, Jr.). Ironically, McCord is now a Michigan booster, though I wouldn't be surprised if he was involved with WVU.