Monday, March 13, 2006

When Work Becomes Home

It's often difficult to keep from bringing work home, but when home is work, where do you draw the line? Such is the problem at San Diego State, where several members of the new coaching staff of Chuck Long are finding it difficult to locate affordable housing in pricey San Diego. The solution? Sleep at the office. Said tight end coach Toby Neinas, who left Temple to come to San Diego for the $108,000-a-year gig: "I still own a house in (Philadelphia). I can't afford to have a mortgage and pay rent. I can't do both." Only one problem with this: it runs afoul of the state fire marshal and the university's written building policy. And one can't point the finger at the university. It spent big bucks on Long's staff, making it No. 1 among the seven public schools in the Mountain West Conference in salaries for its nine full-time assistants.

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