Monday, February 20, 2006

Why Not Double Secret Probation?

Consider the plight of the college student while you recover from that President's Day hangover. Authorities across this great land of ours continue to crack down on tomorrow's leaders. Namely, the right to party. Like this will make students go to class or something. ... In Iowa, there is a movement afoot by legislators to register kegs. The thinking is that it would make it easier to track down those responsible for supplying beer to minors. "Just because they're listed as having a keg doesn't mean we're going to be stopping by," Iowa City Police Chief Sam Hargadine said. ... Yea, and the earth is flat, Sam. In Alabama, a similar movement is gaining popularity among legislators. This is not going over well with one writer for Crimson White, Alabama's student newspaper. "Let me just start by giving a hearty congrats to you, Alabama. Not only are we behind everyone else in the country in economics, education and politics, now we are running backward faster than Tyrone Prothro can run into the end zone. In addition to our host of other problems, we've also catapulted ourselves back another 80 years to Prohibition," writes Jon Payne. He continues: "I have pride for the place where I live. I do not have pride in the way it's governed. If I wanted to be governed by a group of idiots who mismanage money and push their agenda onto everybody else, I would go join a cult. As it is, I will graduate from the University proudly, but what will make me even more proud is the day I move out of this state." (some registration).


WhutWurld said...

They currently do this in oregon and it is horrible. the cops do show up and htey will ruin you for giving a kid some beer. Booooo to prohibition. Go Beavers

Anonymous said...

You are the idiot! If you raise enough hell the neighbors call then you should expect to see the men in blue. Otherwise, the police have other things to do besides getting names off of keg registration logs before hand.

And your quote about being governed by a group of idiots I suspect some day you will be one of us. Hopefully you will at least moved on to another town.