Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Scoring the Impact of Young's Test

The controversy over Vince Young's Wonderlic score at the NFL combine won't go away. The Austin American-Statesman asked Gil Brandt, who used to work for the Dallas Cowboys and is now helping to run the combine in Indianapolis, if the test will have any impact on Young's status in the draft. "This is much ado about very little," Brandt said. Stewart Mandel of CNNSI has a terrific piece and while noting that Young is an incredible talent, he sums up the situation to this point: "There are only about 8 billion conflicting reports out there right now as to what exactly took place in Indianapolis this weekend — that Young scored a disastrous 6 out of 50, re-took it and got a 16, that the first test wasn't graded properly, that his agent inexplicably failed to tell him about this part of the combine, that the first score was legit and the re-take was part of an NFL cover-up over its embarrassment at letting the score leak in the first place. Either way, 6 or 16, Young bombed. There's no sugar-coating that." (some registration).

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