Tuesday, February 21, 2006

'The Rich White Guy' Also Blogs

Lynn Swann won't be getting the Wiz's vote in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race because, well, the Wiz doesn't live in Pennsylvania. We're not even sure who will be on the ballot in our neck of the woods, which can best be described as "parts unknown." But the Wiz always enjoyed Swann's work as a sideline reporter — frankly, the most thankless job on a broadcasting team — and likes to keep readers up-to-date on Swann's race for governor. Turns out the candidate, known as 'the Rich White Guy,' has taken to blogging. Or, as any good republican will do, is having other people blog for him. Here is a link to Swann's blog. And yes, you can post comments.


fun160 said...

Here is a link to Swann's blog.

According to the About page this is not Swann's blog: "And before you ask--no, we're not being paid by Lynn Swann's campaign, Lynn Swann's friends, or Lynn Swann's second cousin thrice removed. In fact, at the time of the launch--we don't think the campaign even knows about this site."

Anonymous said...

Swanny wants to be governor, but he didn't find time to even vote in about 20 of the last 26 elections.
That shows a certain depth of commitment Pennslyvanians might want to be weary of.