Thursday, February 09, 2006

He'll Give It Another Go in Idaho

Idaho a football power? The belief in the land of the spud is that if Dennis Erickson can't do it, then it simply can't be done. Expectations are sky high now that Erickson is the coach of the Vandals, but let us start with a 2006 nonconference schedule that includes road games at Michigan State, Washington State and Oregon State. It's clear the big boys regard Idaho as fodder and why not? The team hasn't won more than three games since 2000. But give Idaho credit for turning around a bad situation (the unexpected departure of Nick Holt) into a big positive. If you want to see a video of the Erickson's giddy introductory press conference, we have a link. Erickson also gave KTVB a one-on-one interview, and we have a link to that video.

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