Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Berryman Brought Shame to Ames

Iowa State has kicked Jason Berryman, arguably its top player, off the team. The defensive end was ticketed for being underage in a bar on Sunday morning. Although this was a minor incident, it may have violated Berryman's probation for an incident in October 2004, when he committed a felony by beating up and stealing $4 from an Iowa State student, and for taking a cell phone from another student. Berryman spent 258 days in jail, then rejoined the team last summer and played last fall. This angered Eric Osterholm, an Iowa State student who was expelled after a melee on campus in 2004. Osterholm pleaded guilty to misdemeanor interference and disorderly conduct charges, spent four days in jail and was expelled. "Apparently a student could commit a felony and still be enrolled in school," Osterholm said after losing an appeal to overturn his expulsion and questioning whether the university was holding nonathletes to a higher standard than athletes.

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