Saturday, January 07, 2006

See the So-Called Stars of Tomorrow Today

The last time we watched a football game from the Alamodome, Nebraska players were flooding the field while some guy from Michigan was streaking down the sideline with no time left on the clock. That was the Alamo Bowl, and we can only hope the Sun Belt officials are back Saturday for the All-American Bowl, because that final play in the Nebraska-Michigan game was damn entertaining. What is the All-American Bowl? Somebody came up with a list of who they thought were the best prep players in the land, then decided to fly them to San Antonio and have the kids battle it out for ... well, come to think of it, nothing. But if you are a recruiting nut, this is a can't-miss game. All those players the snake-oil salesmen have been telling you about — "I have Ralphus Jericho rated as the No. 3 defensive tackle among high school seniors" — you can scout yourself. And with Texas being the new flavor of the week, all the top players want to go to Austin, which is just up the road from San Antone. Rosters? Oh yes, here are the links to the East and West rosters. And in case you are interested, here is the link to the official site (some registration).

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