Saturday, January 07, 2006

He Is One Gutty Little Bruin

Here at the Wiz, we try not to cover every Tom, Dick or Harry who decides they are good enough to chuck away their college eligibility and try to make it at the pro level. But this one, UCLA fans, is going to hurt. Maurice Drew is leaving Westwood and headed to what he hopes is a lucrative career in the NFL. Drew is one amazing player. First, he's small (listed at a generous 5-foot-8, 205 pounds). Second, there are questions about his durability. He certainly won't be an every-down running back in the NFL, not with quick 300 pounders ripping him to the turf. But as a return specialist, he could be special. He averaged an NCAA-record 28.5 yards a return this past season. Drew gave little indication he was planning to end his college career early, but he suffered a separated left shoulder in the Sun Bowl. A back only has so many carries in him, so maybe Drew decided after his trip to El Paso that he would prefer to get paid to carry the ball. Then again, maybe it was just the mere sight of El Paso that turned him off to the college game. We will know more Saturday after he gathers the media to explain his decision.

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