Sunday, January 08, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Bud Withers, Seattle Times: The Rose Bowl had the wow factor going for it, but where does it rank when compared to other classic postseason games?

Jake Curtis, San Francisco Chronicle: Wait a minute, you're calling it a classic game? Seriously, a lot went haywire at the Rose Bowl, enough to fill this reporter's notebook. A worthwhile read.

Tom Oates, Wisconsin State Journal: Loved that Rose Bowl, eh? If you had a playoff, you could have that every year.

Paul Finebaum, Mobile Register: If history is a gauge, Alabama is set for a big, big fall in 2006.

George Diaz, Orlando Sentinel: Larry Coker cleaned house by firing four assistants, but the moves reek of self-perseverance for Coker, who should be held most accountable for the 40-3 loss to LSU.

Ned Barnett, Raleigh News & Observer: More people than Marcus Vick may be guilty of bad behavior, judging by the slow reaction of Virginia Tech officials (registration).

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