Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reporters' Notebooks

Kevin Manahan, Newark Star-Ledger: Even in defeat, Rutgers fans made their bowl experience a memorable one.

Patrick Obley, Columbia State: Clemson coach Tommy Bowden isn't talking "what-if" after the Tigers concluded their season with four losses by a total of 16 points.

Randy Peterson, Des Moines Register: Standout Iowa State defensive end Jason Berryman is back in his hometown to play in the Houston Bowl, but he returns with a felony on his record.

Joseph Pearson, Columbia State: South Carolina defensive backs Ko Simpson and Johnathan Joseph aren't talking about speculation that each will leave early to start pro careers.

Ned Barnett, Raleigh News & Observer: It is one of the mysteries of football that the biggest players are the hardest to see. N.C. State left guard John McKeon is a prime example.

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