Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gators Get Their Man

"He's not Michael Vick, but he could be Alex Smith." OK, but right now he's Tim Tebow, and it seems the Gator Nation is putting a lot of hope on this high school senior's left arm, which accounted for 34 touchdown passes this season. Oh, don't forget the 21 rushing touchdowns, either. Chris Leak will be out of a job before we know it. Tebow seems like such a nice kid, too (video). Alabama might have beat Florida on the field, but this is a signature loss for the Crimson Tide and coach Mike Shula. And you know they won't be watching Wednesday night in Alabama when ESPN airs its big blowout on Tebow.

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Bama Girl said...

Ouch, yeah the roomies and I were discussing this earlier.