Tuesday, December 06, 2005

'Air Craft' Grounded in San Diego

One of the great mysteries in college football is why San Diego State can't field a winner. The area has some of the finest talent around (Reggie Bush came from the 619 area code), doesn't have overpowering academic requirements and remains one of the most desirable places to live. Tom Craft became the latest to fail, as athletic director Jeff Schemmel (pictured) announced the firing (video) of the coach on Monday. The Aztecs have 15 starters back next season and this will be a job sought by many. The ever-growing list has started with Dennis Erickson, Rick Neuheisel, Bob Toledo, Jim Harbaugh, Cam Cameron, Bobby Hauck, Al Borges, Dave McGinnis and Bob Elliott. Schemmel says he wants a new coach by Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I'm not very familiar with SDSU, but from what I understand they have recently made an effort to become a more prestigious academic institution. I'm not sure how difficult admissions have become, or how new admissions standards have affected recruiting, but this isn't the SDSU of old.

I agree however that SDSU seems to be in a position where they should be more successful than they have been in the past.

greg6363 said...

The California State University system will always be considered less prestigious (second-tier)compared to the UC (University of California) system. I would agree it is a mystery why the Aztecs cannot field a competitive football and basketball program considering their locale. Don't be surprised if they hire a big name like a Neuheisel or an Erickson to make a splash.