Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trojans Knew Bush Would Have Big Game

Think the new Xbox 360 is the coolest thing in the universe, eh? Fat chance, bubba. The Wiz is going to wait on this crap until they come out with the XXXbox 360, Ron Jeremy Edition. Now if you are looking for all the cool toys, take a trip to USC, where the team has embraced the digital age. High-tech video equipment has transformed scouting to the point that Pete Carroll knew Reggie Bush would go off against Fresno State. The coach broke the news to the Heisman candidate on Friday. "You're going to get a lot of chances in this game because this is the way the plan has come down. Don't force it. Don't think that you have to do too much. It's going to come to you, hopefully."

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Sports Litter said...

XXXbox 360 huh? Well you know they already have several adult games on xbox that contain sex and nudity. Can't wait to see what the XXXBox has on it! Briana Banks and Devon I hope