Wednesday, November 02, 2005

They Can't Win for Losing

The heck with the BCS! What's at the bottom of this barrel? Here we find the three biggest disappointments in college football. First is Tennessee, which once was ranked No. 3 but has tumbled to a 3-4 record (likely 3-5 after Saturday's game at Notre Dame). Then comes Purdue, which had 11 starters returning on defense and a schedule that didn't include Ohio State or Michigan. Forget a bowl, the Boilers are 2-6. The third and perhaps most surprising entry is Washington. OK, nobody had grand illusions about the Huskies, but it's shaping up as consecutive 1-10 seasons in Seattle where a Pac-10 losing streak has reached 13 and desperation is at such a level that more NCAA violations are being committed. But this is a much, much better 1-10 team, right? No necessarily so, according to statistics.

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