Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's Too Little and Way Too Late for Bush

Reggie Bush (No. 5) likely will go down as the best player in college football never to win the Heisman. Bush put on a one-man show Saturday night/Sunday morning at the Coliseum, accounting for 513 all-purpose yards, including 294 rushing yards in 23 carries, in USC's 50-42 victory over Fresno State. The problem? It's likely nobody east of the Mississippi saw this jaw-dropping performance, as the game ended at 2:20 a.m. Eastern. And even though they normally vote for anybody named Bush in Texas, they have a new darling to inflict on the American public: Vince Young. Now Young is a nice player, but the Wiz says Drew Olson is the best quarterback. Yes, check the numbers, he's having a better season than Young and Matt Leinart. But without a doubt, the best player is Bush. The problem is that the Heisman voters, who are concentrated in the Northeast, were snoozing when Bush was electrifying the rest of the nation. Normally when you snooze, you lose, but in this case the loser will be Bush.

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Anonymous said...

Give me a break, please. Bush is averaging under 130 yds/game for the season and had a big game against--what, a team with a rushing defense ranked in the 40s? Don't get me wrong--he's extremely talented--but one game *shouldn't* a Heisman make.