Wednesday, November 23, 2005

FSN Gets Big Numbers for Fresno State-USC

No. 1 USC is packing them in at the Coliseum and in front of the TV. The Trojans' game against Fresno State earned a 2.7 national rating on FSN's regional networks, meaning it was seen in 2.1 million homes and had a viewing audience of 2.8 million, according to Nielsen Media Research. And this despite the game ending Sunday at 2:20 a.m. Eastern. The only game to draw better numbers in FSN's history was the 2000 Nebraska-Kansas State matchup, which had a 3.0 share. And while we don't want to promote any illegal activity, many interesting USC items are available at If you don't know what a BitTorrent is, here is a definition. If any fans of other teams have BitTorrent sites of note for our college audience, please post in the comments section or send us an email. We are here to inform.

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Anonymous said...

Yauzaaaa! Where did you get the pix of the Song Girls? Tonight there was supposed to be a Reggie Bush special on ESPN Classics. Does anyone know what happened to it (it did not air) and if and when it will air again? Don't forget to get your 2006 Calendar at