Friday, November 18, 2005

Columnists' Corner

Bob Wojnowski, Detroit News: With Ohio State fans spilling over the border, local convenience stores in Michigan are calling for emergency supplies of Slim Jims and pickled eggs.

Jim Mashek, Biloxi Sun Herald: Players are leaving Mississippi in droves, but fiery Ed Orgeron isn't concerned. "People figure out that this isn't for me."

Jake Curtis, San Francisco Chronicle: That daunting schedule Texas had to play to get to the Rose Bowl? It turned into a schedule of creampuffs.

Thomas Stinson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A crushing tackle by Notre Dame's Bob Crable 25 years ago signaled a career of shoulder problems for Herschel Walker (registration).

Dave Curtis, Orlando Sentinel: Florida has two games remaining, but regardless of what happens, the season is a disappointment.

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