Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Columnists' Corner

Bob Clark, Eugene Register-Guard: Those BCS computers that pushed two-loss Notre Dame ahead of one-loss Oregon must have been impressed with the Irish's 42nd consecutive victory over Navy.

Wally Hall, Northwest Arkansas Times: Houston Nutt called that play. Yes he did. He made some good calls today, didn't he?

Jorge Milian, Palm Beach Post: OK, say USC or Texas were to lose. Would Miami have a chance to play in the BCS title game?

Ron Morris, The State (Columbia): This won't go over with the locals. He takes a stand against the South Carolina-Clemson game being on free TV.

Jim Mashek, Biloxi Sun Herald: South Carolina opponents should have realized long ago that it's the Year of the Rooster.

Joe Starkey, Tribune-Review: There is plenty the Big East can do over the next six weeks to prove that better days are ahead.

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