Monday, October 31, 2005

... and This Is Scary, Too

If you were ushered in to pick America's newest gazillionaire out of a lineup, who would you choose? The guy on the right? You are a winner! Notre Dame announced Saturday that Crewcut Charlie Weis had signed a 10-year extension, despite losing two of his first seven games. That was quick. Didn't Tyrone Willingham start 8-0? Where was his 10-year extension? Hmmm. Only a week ago, word leaked that NFL general managers were sniffing around South Bend. And despite what those in the shadows of the South Bend are saying, this was more about closing a loophole in Crewcut's original deal that had a buyout of only $1.5 million. Does anybody with common sense really think Weis will be Notre Dame coach in 2015? Only once voice seems to understand what is going on (scroll down to see item).

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Anonymous said...

Do you actually do any background on your blogs? I don't recall any NFL teams interested in Willingham after a rough 8-0 start defensive (pull it out the butt) wins capped off by embarassing losses to USC and NC State, a loss to BC, and a last second win against NAVY!!!!!

Nobody can deny the football at ND looks better than it has in a long time. Soak on that a bit. This wasn't to close a loophole, it was to cap off stupid rumors based on nothing.