Thursday, September 01, 2005

Let's Tee It Up!

Welcome to our new visitors, especially those friends being directed to the site from Remember, this your site, a public forum to exchange information to help us all. Send us any links or notes or post them in the comments sections.

That said, the moment has arrived. The captains are coming on to the field for the coin toss. The TiVo is set, the pillows arranged on the sofa, the refrigerator is stocked, and -- most important -- the Wizard has posted his picks and the logic behind them in the comments section of Week 1.

We will be back later in the evening.

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Midwest Correspondent said...

Three from the Middle of America to use (or not) for investment purposes:

Iowa (-38). A whopping number. Way, way big. And yet, don't look for the Hawkeyes to dawdle against a Ball State team that is another year from being a good team by MAC standards.

Michigan (-18). The Wolverines aren't telling anyone, but they're playing for a shot at the national-title game this year. Look for Henne and Hart to come out sharp.

Ohio State (-14.5) It's chic for some to say that Miami, a proven commodity, will give the Buckeyes trouble in the Horseshoe. The MWC (short for me, the Midwest Correspondent) respects Miami. But much like Iowa and Michigan, I like Ohio State to come out with fire.

Of course, Georgia (-7) remains the MWC's best pick, nationally.